MSc. Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

The program will provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of molecular biology. In addition, students will acquire practical and theoretical understanding of biological data, statistical, numerical and computer skills they need to undertake/exploit Bioinformatics.

Admission Requirements
1.1    The common regulations for all Masters degrees in the University shall apply
1.2     The general regulations for all Masters degrees in the Faculty of Science shall  apply
1.3     The following shall be eligible for registration for the Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology and Bionformatics;

(i)  A holder of at least a second class honours (Upper Division) degree from JKUAT  or any other university recognized  by JKUAT Senate, having studied Biological  sciences, computer Science, mathematics/Statistics. Physical Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Dental sciences and Agriculture may also be accepted to the programme.
(ii)  A holder of a degree accepted as equivalent to one of the degrees mentioned in (i) above from recognized University.

1.4     Candidates without a background in computer science and programming will be required to do the following courses:

(i)   ICS 2174    Introduction to Computer Science
(ii)  ICS 2175    Computer Programming I

Year 1

First semester

  • SBH 3201: Introduction to Molecular Biology
  • SBH 3203: Methods in Molecular Biology
  • SBH 3204: Genome structure and organization
  • SBH 3206: Fundamentals of Bioinformatics
  • SMA 3210: Mathematics for Bioscientists

Second semester

  • SBH 3205: Gene expression and protein structure analysis
  • SBH 3202: Molecular markers and their applications
  • SBH 3208: Database Systems
  • SBH 3209: Research methodology
  • SBH 3207: Computing internet Technologies and application

Year 2

First semester

Core Units

  • SBH 3211: Algorithm tools and their applications in Bioinformatics
  • SBH 3212: Proteomics and protein identification
  • SBH 3222: Project (2 Units)

Elective Units

  • SBH 3219: Management of microbial diseases
  • SBH 3220: Dynamics of parasitic diseases
  • SBH 3221: Molecular Biology of plant diseases

Second semester

Core units

  • SBH 3222: Project (2 units)

Elective Units (Students to select three units)

  • SBH 3213: Computation genomics
  • SBH 3214: Molecular Modeling and Chemoinformatics
  • SBH 3215: Data structure and algorithms
  • SBH 3216: Protein structure models and drug discovery
  • SBH 3217: Genomic pattern recognition and molecular diagnostics
  • SBH 3218: Molecular epidemiology and population genetics