MSc. Horticulture

The course is designed to offer to the graduate a complete and well integrated program in Advanced Horticultural Production and Research Training.  The graduate should  be  able to apply, advance knowledge and skills of Horticultural Science and Technology to the various horticultural production systems.  In addition, he/she should be able to design  and execute research work aimed at innovation of new technologies that would further improve productivity of various species and quality of horticultural crops and produce.

Admission Requirements
1.1    The general regulations for the Masters degrees in the Faculty of Agriculture shall apply.
1.2    The candidates for the M.Sc. in Horticulture should have:-
1.2.1    A second class honours (upper division) degree in Horticulture or related fields such as         Agriculture and Botany from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and             Technology, or
1.2.2    An equivalent degree from a University recognised by the Jomo Kenyatta University of     Agriculture and Technology Senate.
1.2.3    A holder of a second class honours (lower division) degree in horticulture or related field of study provided that the candidate produces evidence of research ability from an institution recognized by the Senate.

Year 1
Core Units

Unit Code    Unit Title
AGS 3101    Statistics and Experimental Design
AHS 3102    Advanced Plant Physiology
AHS 3103    Plant Nutrition
AHS 3104    Advanced Biochemistry
AHS 3105    Advanced Postharvest Physiology
AHS 3106    Advanced Topics in Horticulture
AGS 3102    Research Methodology

Elective Units (Any three units)

Unit Code    Unit Title
AHS 3108    Advanced Olericulture
AHS 3109    Physiology of Landscape Plant
AHS 3110    Breeding of Horticultural Crops
AHS 3111    Fruit Science
AHS 3112    Advanced Ornamental Horticulture
AHS 3113    Advanced Plant Pathology
AHS 3114    Advanced Weed Science and Integrated Pest Management
AHS 3115    Advanced Crop Management
AHS 3116    Greenhouse Management