Master of Urban Design

The programme is targeted on graduates of the Department of Architecture, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), as well as architects, urban designers urban and regional planners and landscape architects who are graduates of recognized institutions with suitable qualifications and/or professional experience, and who desire to consolidate their theoretical knowledge in the Urban Design discipline with their practical application in the field.

Therefore, in designing the programme, emphasis is laid on the eventual practical and locally-contextualised applications of knowledge. It is expected that graduates of the programme will have their knowledge and command of issues related to urban communities’ facilities planning, urban land use and transportation planning, urban form and expression, amongst others. It is also intended to help the candidate develop the capacity for independent research and scholarly works which impact directly on current urban issues and challenges. In particular, graduates of the programme are expected to be knowledgeable in, and sensitive to the socio-cultural, politic-economic cum ideological base-points for an ecologically conscious and sustainable system of urban environment development.

Admission Requirements
3.1    Candidates whose academic background fall into the following categories may be eligible for registration for the degree of Master of Urban Design in the Department of Architecture, JKUAT:

3.1.1)    Either a holder of at least Second Class honours upper division Bachelor of Architecture degree of JKUAT;

3.1.2)    Or a holder of the Bachelor’s degree in either Architecture, Urban Design or Landscape Architecture, or Bachelor of Science or Arts degree in Urban and Regional Planning from any other institution, which is recognized by JKUAT Senate as being of equivalent academic standard;  or

3.1.3)    Or a holder of any other academic qualification(s) acceptable to JKUAT Senate as being equivalent to or higher than those specified in (3.1.1) & (3.1.2) above.

Year 1

Semester I

Core Courses

  • ABA 3100 Theory and principles of urban design I
  • ABA 3101 Physical planning
  • ABA 3102 Urban Design I*

Semester II

Compulsory Courses

  • ABA 3103  Theory and principles of urban design II
  • ABA 3104 Research methodology
  • ABA 3105 Environmental planning
  • ABA 3106 Urban design II*

Elective Courses (Category I)

  • ABA 3107 Urban growth management and conservation
  • ABA 3108 Urban sociology, demography and spatial analysis
  • ABA 3109 Urban infrastructure and capital facilities planning

Elective Courses (Category II)***

  • ABA 3110 Landscape design and ecology
  • ABA 3111 Advanced environmental planning
  • ABA 3112 History and design theory
  • ABA 3113 Human settlement planning
  • ABA 3114 Urban conservation and preservation
  • ABA 3115 Computer aided urban design (CAD)
  • ABA 3116 Urban economics
  • ABA 3117 Community development planning
  • ABA 3118 Architecture of the urban form