Poll results on student union elections

The two week intensive student campaigns came to an end with the students going to the polls on Thursday October 14, 2010 to elect their leaders. Just like the recent Parliamentary by-elections and the Constitution referendum, this year’s Jomo Kenyatta University Students Organization (JKUSO) elections adopted the IIEC approach of using technology to transmit election results. The ICT Department provided personnel to help transmit results electronically to ensure transparency with no possible incidences of fraud. The Assembly Hall was the central station where the tallying was conducted. The returning officers brought the election results from the various polling stations and were relayed electronically. The whole process of tallying of votes and declaring winners took a record time of 4 hours as opposed to 7 hours as witnessed in past elections. The peaceful elections that recorded no incidences saw Kasina Emmanuel emerge the winner for the position of Chairman in the student council. Other members of the council include: Sam Wanyoike as the Secretary General, Gitobu Dennis as the Finance secretary, Muchao Gideon – Academic Secretary, Macharia Muiruri –Catering and Accommodation Secretary, Entertainment Secretary – Aroko Dennis, Games & Sports Secretary – Timothy Muthuuri Kaimenyi.

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