Masters’ Degree Programs
i)    An applicant must be a holder of at least a Second Class degree Upper Division or its equivalent awarded by a reputable University or any other recognized institution.
ii)    Other specific requirements will vary from program to program.
iii)    The duration of the Masters program shall normally be between 24 and 36 months.
(i) Course Units
a)    The programs shall be conducted on Course Unit (CU) basis;
b)    One CU is equivalent to one contact hour a week over a semester or a series of weeks of at least 15 contact hours; (A semester comprises 17 weeks, 15 of teaching/ study/practice and two weeks of examinations).
c)    One contact hour is equivalent to one hour of a lecture /tutorial/ seminar, or two hours of practicals.
d)    The total Course Units required at the end of a Semester must be at least 15.  The Course Units required at the end of a year must be at least 30.
e)    Credit hours for each course = 2 lecture hours + 3 lab hours = 3 credit hours Or 2 lecture hours + 2 tutorial hours = 3 credit hours.
f)    Total teaching hours per semester = 3 credit hours x 15 teaching weeks = 45 hrs

(ii)    Research requirements

A candidate shall not be permitted to formally start on research work unless he/she has attended a minimum of at least 2/3 of the courses offered in the first year of course work. All masters’ degree program students are also required to present at least one seminar before completing their degree program.

(iii) Thesis

The thesis shall conform to the standing guidelines and regulations of the Pan African University on higher degrees.

The candidate will be required to submit three copies of the thesis accompanied by a declaration to the satisfaction of the Senate stating that it has not been submitted for a degree at any other University.

(iv) Award
The Masters Degree shall be awarded to a candidate who has accumulated a minimum of 30 CU for the courses passed; and has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the thesis and passed the oral examination.