Doctor of Philosophy

i) Applicants should possess a Masters degree from a recognized university in a field relevant to the area of further studies.
ii) Must present an acceptable research proposal of not less than 3 pages and not exceeding 10 pages in the proposed area of study/research.
iii) Other specific requirements will vary from program to program.
iv)  The duration of the PhD program shall normally be between 36 and 48 months.

Purpose of Doctoral Training

The purpose of doctoral training is to impart skills to doctoral students in the art and science of scholarship and to promote broader skills acquisition; and above all, to develop independent and critical thinkers who are able to conduct quality research and initiate innovations that will contribute to the transformation of communities.  The end products of PhD training are researchers who can engage with the broader environment of stakeholders.  Doctoral scientific and academic training promotes the acquisition of scientific methodology, critical analysis and the initiative for independent study.  Doctoral students are expected to probe deeply into their subjects and be at the forefront of research and innovation in their fields.

Type of Doctorate to be offered by the PAU

The PAU will offer doctorate degree by course-work and thesis only. A student pursuing a doctorate by coursework and thesis is expected to attend formal training in a set of courses and secure a number of course units before embarking on the thesis. The number of courses to be studied and the length of the thesis may vary from discipline to discipline or from program to program.  The student is expected to work with his/her supervisors to select the most appropriate courses from within and outside his/her respective faculty/institution/school.  After completing the coursework component and passing the examination set at the end of it, the student will then spend approximately two years completing the thesis under the guidance of the supervisor and Doctoral Committee.
The student is required to have a specified minimum number of course units as prescribed by the Unit in order to graduate, in addition students are expected to present at least one seminar paper prior to submitting a satisfactory thesis and successfully defending it in a public oral examination.