Open University of Kenya Officials Visit JKUAT

Prof. Odhiambo makes a point during the discussions as Prof. Mboroki (right) and Dr. Speranza follow

Prof. Odhiambo makes a point during the discussions as Prof. Mboroki (right) and Dr. Speranza follow

Members of the task-force on the establishment of a National Open University of Kenya (NAUK) Tuesday visited Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to familiarize themselves with how JKUAT has successfully implemented open, distance and e-learning. The officials led by Vice chairperson, Prof. Guantai Mboroki, noted that JKUAT was one of the few institutions in Kenya whose strong ICT background had enabled it to digitally offer academic programmes to off-campus students.

Receiving the guests, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo said JKUAT had put in place a robust ICT system that enhanced interaction and content delivery to the learners.

On his part, Prof. Mboroki informed the meeting that the core mandate of the NAUK was to increase access to university education by leveraging on ICT. This, he said, would reduce the number of students who qualify yet cannot secure university admission; a number he reported currently stands at 75%.

“NAUK seeks to give more Kenyans an opportunity to acquire higher education without restriction of time or space,” says Prof. Mboroki

Prof. Odhiambo informed the team that JKUAT had successfully mentored a number of universities and remains available for consultation by NAUK whenever needed.

 The officials from the two institutions were unanimous that if executed effectively, NAUK had the potential to afford more Kenyans access to university education.

 Prof. Mboroki was accompanied by Prof. Judith Kamau, Dr. Speranza Ndege, Julius Otieno and Charles Obiero. The meeting was also addressed by Prof. Fred Wamunyokoli, Director, JKUAT School of Open Distance and e-learning.

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