Functions of the Ombudsman at JKUAT

The functions of the Ombudsman at JKUAT are:

  1. Investigate, at the request of stakeholders of the University, or upon its own motion, any grievances that may arise against the University or against anyone in the University exercising authority.
  2. Bring its findings and recommendations to the attention of those in authority by the most expeditious means possible, and to the University community at large to the extent this seems appropriate to the office.
  3. Serve as a general information center about all situations and University procedures concerning which grievances may arise and specifically, to advise members of the University community about where to turn and what procedures to follow in order to pursue to address their complaint.
  4. Direct, during emergencies or at the request of the Council, such additional, and special information and “rumor clinic” services as the Ombudsman believes appropriate and within the resources and competence of the office.
  5. Contribute to and maintain the quality and consistency of the complaints handling process, and to ensure that complaints are resolved on a fair and reasonable basis
  6. We also investigate cases such as abuse of power, ethnicity, sexual harassment, unfairness in promotion, grades among students, end of job, appointment or such relationship, interpersonal disputes and conflict, job marginalization among others.