Core Values

  1. Independence: To be credible and effective, the Ombudsman must appear and actually be free from interference in the legitimate performance of duties, including being free from control, limitations or retaliation of anyone who is subject of a complaint or inquiry. The Ombudsman achieves this independence by reporting directly to the University Council
  2. Neutrality: The Obudsman conducts impartial inquiries and investigations that are free from bias and conflicts of interest. Impartiality does not preclude the Ombdusman from developing an interset in securing changes; the Ombudsman advocates changing any process that is unfair.
  3. Confidentiality: Confidentiality is essential in the Ombudsman. Confidentilaity promotes disclosure from reluctant complainants, elicits candid discussions by all parties and provides an increased level of protection against retaliation to or by any party. To ensure confidentiality, the Ombudsman may not testify in court or judicial hearing; destroys all notes and documents with the stipulated time.