Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute Inspectors on a Mission at JKUAT

A team of inspectors comprising six top officials from the Kenya Nutritionists & Dieticians Institute (KNDI) are currently on a preliminary inspection/audit of the University’s BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics for the purpose of accreditation.

The Inspection team is visiting all Public Institutions in the country to ensure that the programme on offer is harmonized.

In her brief introduction of the purpose of their visit before embarking on the inspection of the University’s Food Science facilities, KNDI chairperson Prof. Julia Ojiambo stated that her team had visited the University on shared interest; to asses the capacity of the University to deliver credibly the KNDI mandate, “to provide for training in nutrition and dietetics” to students, as well as to ensure that KNDI standards in training of nutritionists and dieticians were in place.

Prof. Ojiambo, Chairperon, KNDI giving her brief remarks before embarking on the Inspection/audit exercise. On her left is Prof. Ngumi (Acting Deputy APD), Prof. Odhiambo (Deputy Vice Chancellor, AA) and Prof. Kahangi (Deputy Vice Chancellor, RPE).

She pointed out that Universities in the country had a shared responsibility to provide quality environment for the training of Nutritionists and Dieticians recognizable locally and internationally.

Prof. Ojiambo commended JKUAT for the progress it had made in its academic pursuit which had resulted in its attraction of large numbers of students. This, she noted, was as a result of its frequently reviewed programmes that gave the Institution a global appeal.

In his remarks, Prof. Edward Karuri who is the chair of the programmes accreditation board hailed the University for its outstanding history of training students in nutrition. This, he noted, was an indication of how important the University valued nutrition and the impact it contributed towards the Country’s growth.

Prof. Karuri, Chairman, programmes Accreditation Committee outlining his team’s mandate before the Inspection. On his left is Prof. Ojiambo (Chairperon, KNDI), Prof. Ngumi (Acting Deputy APD), Prof. Odhiambo (Deputy Vice Chancellor, AA) and Prof. Kahangi (Deputy Vice Chancellor, RPE).

He outlined KNDI’s three mandates to institutions as; accreditation, registration and disciplinary. Decisions made by his team of inspectors after onspection, Prof. Karuri said, did not take into consideration the size of an institution, but fulfillment of quality and standards expected in the training provided.

In welcoming the team, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs Prof. Romanus Odhiambo informed the inspectors that JKUAT had made significant strides in the world of academia as it had become the preferred choice by many, not only locally but also internationally. Most of the University’s programmes, he noted, were already accredited by relevant bodies stressing that he was optimistic the move by KNDI would bring on board a fresh start to the targeted programme.

Others present were the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Research, Production and Extension (RPE) Prof. Esther Kahangi, the acting Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration, Planning and Development (APD) Prof. Victoria Ngumi, the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Ngamau Kamau, and the Chairman of Department of Food Science Dr. Donald Onyango among others.

Among KNDI members present included, Dr. David Okeyo, Dr. Nguka Gordon and Beatrice Gisemba.

KNDI, established through an Act of Parliament in 2007, is a regulator, with oversight role to oversee quality training, registration and licensing of nutritionists and dieticians, and to regulate the standards and practice of the Profession, to ensure effective participation by practitioners in matters relating to nutrition and dietetics and all connected purposes.

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