News Students Stream to campus to pursue future careers

A new semester, the last during the current calendar year and  expected to enroll a total of 3, 500 new students in the various undergraduate programmes  kicked off  Monday September 3, 2012. With 17 academic programmes, the Faculty of Science  has attracted 800 new students, the largest number of student in  a single faculty.

The College of Engineering and Technology is host to 700 new students while the School of Human Resource Development has attracted 600 students. The Faculty of Agriculture and the  Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology have enrolled 331 and 241 students respectively. Additionally, the School of Architecture and Building Sciences and the College of Health Sciences have attracted 192 and 182 first year students respectively.

However the question of gender parity remains a major challenge at least going by the low number of new female students that stands at 33 percent of the total number of new students expected to commence their undergraduate studies at the start of the semester.

The worst hit in gender parity is the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology and the College of Engineering and Technology that have attracted 17 and 18 percent female students respectively. The School of Architecture and Building Sciences  has enrolled 26 percent females students while 33 and 44 percent of the new students at the Faculty of Science and the School of Human Resources Development are female students.

The College of Health Sciences has attracted 182 students with the Faculty of Agriculture enrolling 331 students.

The orientation week comes to the end, Friday September 7, 2012 with the address to the students by the vice chancellor Professor Mabel Imbuga at the Assembly Hall.

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