New Pan African University Rector Visits JKUAT

PAU Rector, Prof. Jean Kulidiati (left) and Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi

In a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and mutual support, the newly appointed Rector of the Pan African University (PAU), Prof. Jean Kulidiati, made a visit to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, November 13, 2023, to acquaint himself with Pan African University Institute for Science, Technology, and Innovation (PAUSTI), domiciled at JKUAT.

During the visit, Prof. Kulidiati conveyed his gratitude to JKUAT for the unwavering support extended to PAUSTI over the years. He specifically highlighted the invaluable research collaboration between the two institutions, emphasizing its pivotal role in addressing the challenges confronting Africa.

The Rector asserted that the support provided has enabled PAUSTI to play a vital role in realizing the objectives of Agenda 2063, as envisioned by the African Union.

PAU Rector, Prof. Jean Kulidiati makes his remarks. Listening on (from right) is Deputy Vice Chancellor (AA), Prof. Robert Kinyua, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi, and PAUSTI Director, Prof. Gabriel Magoma

In response, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi, reciprocated the appreciation and assured the Prof. Kulidiati of the University’s support. Hosting PAUSTI, she noted, has been a source of pride for JKUAT.

Prof. Ngumi underscored the symbiotic relationship between JKUAT and PAUSTI, pointing out that faculty members from JKUAT actively contribute their expertise to collaborative research endeavors at PAUSTI. This collaboration, she said, has facilitated joint research projects with scholars from across the continent, contributing to the advancement of society.

Prof. Ngumi further commended PAUSTI for its leadership in championing cultural diversity and understanding among African youth. She emphasized the role of such initiatives in fostering development across the continent. The Vice Chancellor’s remarks underscored the holistic approach taken by PAU institutions in addressing not only scientific and technological challenges but also social and cultural dimensions.

Director, PAUSTI, Prof. Gabriel Magoma, extended a warm welcome to the newly appointed Rector during his visit to the institute at JKUAT. Expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration between PAUSTI and JKUAT, Prof. Magoma highlighted the institute’s commitment to the Pan African University’s overarching goals.

He expressed optimism about the future prospects of joint initiatives and underscored the importance of the Rector’s leadership in steering PAU institutions toward greater heights.

The Pan African University stands as a flagship project of the African Union, aiming to leverage higher education, scientific research, and technology to propel Africa’s economic development, social integration, and global competitiveness. The visit of the new PAU Rector to JKUAT serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit between institutions and their shared commitment to advancing the continent’s progress through education and research.

New Pan African University Rector Visits JKUAT

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