New JKUSO Students’ Council Takes Oath of Office

JKUSO Chairman Eric Jomo makes his remarks.

JKUSO Chairman Eric Jomo makes his remarks

Newly elected officials of the Jomo Kenyatta Students Organization (JKUSO) have today Tuesday, November 11, taken solemn oath of office to serve the students fraternity who elected them into office in the just concluded students’ elections.

Speaking on behalf of the new students’ governing council during the swearing in ceremony, the incoming JKUSO Chairman Eric Jomo appreciated the critical role the students played during the elections in ensuring that they put in office leaders who will champion their welfare.

Mr. Jomo reminded his colleagues that they were elected on a platform and promise to be different, noting that with their elevation to the leadership position, was an opportunity for them to serve the students; and redeem the image of their organization,  as well as reflect and re-evaluate themselves.”

He urged his contemporaries to “take it as a personal initiative and responsibility to do something for the students everyday.”

Addressing the elected officials drawn from all the JKUAT Campuses, Mr. Jomo promised that JKUSO will champion fairness and justice for all including needy students, noting that as students, it is important to “recognize that this is a unique and respected institution and the least  we can do is to contribute positively to that legacy.”

In her remarks, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Mabel Imbuga urged the students’ leaders to be always alert, reminding them that “the call of leadership demanded high level of alertness from any leader.”

The Vice Chancellor advised them to take the leadership role with humility and responsibility, “not to sacrifice their academic excellence on the altar of student leadership.”

Prof. Imbuga also said, the new office bearers had the onerous task of working towards the restoration of   confidence and good will of the employers and industry towards JKUAT graduates.

We are your servant leaders

We are your servant leaders

Imbuga urged the students’ leaders to exercise sensitivity to political and academic atmosphere, and further challenged them to read, familiarize and align their leadership role with the Kenya Constitution, the Universities Act 2012, JKUAT Charter and the JKUSO Constitution. On the latter, the Vice Chancellor underscored the need to review the current JKUSO Constitution in order to align it with the other critical national documents.

The new students’ governing council was also addressed by the deputy vice chancellors present who included Professors Romanus Odhiambo, Esther Kahangi, and Victoria Ngumi, who congratulated the incoming student governing council following their election and advised them to exercise responsible leadership and promote dialogue between the students’ fraternity and the administration.

Meanwhile, first years and final year students reported back to the Main Campus Monday, November 10. The College of Health Sciences students are set to report on Monday November 17. Other continuing students will be informed in due course when they will resume studies.

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