New dean Faculty of Agriculture

Outgoing Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. C. K. Njoroge (right) welcomes the new Dean, Prof. Kamau Ngamau (left), to the same Faculty.

Prof. Kamau Ngamau has been declared the new Dean, Faculty of Agriculture. This was announced during a ceremony held this morning at the university’s old boardroom after Prof. Ngamau went unopposed and becomes the first candidate from the department of horticulture to hold this position. He takes over from Prof. Charles Njoroge who has steered the faculty for the last four years. Speaking during the ceremony, the outgoing dean, Prof. Njoroge, expressed his confidence in the continuity and improvement of the faculty under the new leadership.

In his acceptance speech, Prof. Ngamau said that luck was on his side as he will not have to spend his time trying to reconcile differences with defeated candidates after competitive campaigns which are often characterized by hostility. He pledged his commitment to the growth of the faculty through repackaging of the existing and introduction of new programs. ‘Agriculture plays a critical role in our economy and to effectively contribute in the agricultural sector, we must re-invent our agriculture programs’, he said.

Prof. Ngamau has served the faculty in other capacities as Chairman in the department of Horticulture, and has also served as an associate dean in the faculty. Before this appointment, he was at the helm of the Board of Postgraduate Studies as director a position he has held for a period of 4 years.

Prof Ngamau holds Ph.D. in Floriculture from the University of Hannover, Germany which he obtained in 1999. He also holds Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Master of Science in Horiculture.

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