A New Dawn for JKUSA: Student Council and Congress Elected

New JKUSA Chairperson, Omondi, is carried shoulder high in celebration.

The predominant long queues witnessed during past Jomo Kenyatta University Students Association (JKUSA) elections were conspicuously missing during the May 31, students’ elections. This time, just 210 delegates took to the ballot to elect the new JKUSA Student Council.

The new Council members will only hold office for a term of one year and will be eligible for one more in accordance to the University (Amendment) Act 2016. The Act strips students of the power to elect their leaders directly, which will now be done through an Electoral College system based on academic departments, school or faculties.

The delegates drawn from 70 departments were elected, May 17, 2017. The students from each of the 70 departments in the University elected three representatives; at least one was of opposite gender.

The student’s Council will be governed by a chairperson & vice-chairperson, of opposite gender; a treasurer; secretary-general, who will be the secretary to the council and three other members to represent special interest of students. For the case of JKUAT, the three members will include the Academic Affairs Secretary, Sports and Entertainment Secretary and Health, Catering and Accommodation Secretary.

The tightly contested two horse race of the Chairperson was won by Asman Omondi who garnered 105 votes trouncing his opponent Danny Mwangi by 6 votes. Omondi will be deputised by Brenda Mukami.

The Secretary General position was clinched by Richard Ochieng who had 84 votes while Bebeto Nyamwamu and Boniface Kiplagat had 74 and 44 votes respectively. Ibrahim Shalle won Treasury Secretary post by landslide. He had 128 votes while his opponents Stella Awour and Evans Kipchumba had 39 and 35 votes respectively.

Oliver Wesonga who garnered 122 votes emerged the top in the Academic Affairs Secretary beating his opponents Betty Kanana and Lucia Wanjiku who had 77 and 5 votes respectively.

Delegates cast their votes

The position of Sports and Entertainment Secretary and Health, Catering and Accommodation Secretary were unopposed and will be held by Denver Walter Odour and Cynthia Kerubo Toel respectively.

The students also put in office the JKUSA Congress which will be composed of 35 elected Schools and Halls Representatives. The Congress will play a watchdog role to the JKUSA Student Council.  The new team will be sworn in on a date to be confirmed later, followed by a one week training programme.

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