More JKUAT Engineering Programmes Recognized

The Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) has recognized additional six engineering programmes offered at JKUAT. The undergraduate degree courses are; BSc. Aerospace Engineering; BSc. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering; BSc. Chemical Engineering; BSc. Electronic and Computer Engineering; BSc. Telecommunications and Information Engineering and BSc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

In a communique to JKUAT Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi, the EBK Registrar Eng. Margaret Ogai noted that the Board was satisfied with the quality thresholds JKUAT had put in place to ensure successful training of students in the listed programmes.

The recognition of the six programmes reinforces JKUAT’s role in producing competent and market ready graduates in technical areas. JKUAT has the highest number of engineering programmes compared to other universities in the country.

JKUAT has also emerged as one of the most preferred universities, admitting highest number of government sponsored students compared to other public universities since 2018. The University has specialised in teaching and research in technical areas such as agriculture, engineering, information technology, business, and health sciences. In the last five years, JKUAT has produced over 38,000 graduates.

Admission into JKUAT’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programmes has also been moderated to enhance gender equity with more female students enrolling at the College of Engineering.

Dr. Hiram Ndiritu

Meanwhile, the Principal, College of Engineering, Dr. Hiram Ndiritu  and Dr. Eng. Gareth Kituu have been appointed by the EBK to serve the Board as Washington Accord Assessor. In the new role, the two dons will assess local engineering programmes using Washington Accord standards; and train staff of universities intending to align their engineering programmes to Washington Accord.

During the two years of engagement, Dr. Ndiritu and Dr. Kituu are also expected to support the EBK in streamlining communication with Kenyan universities seeking the Washington Accord accreditation.

“With South Africa being the only signatory of the International Engineering Alliance, this will be a great opportunity for Kenya to join the alliance resulting in recognition of Kenyan Engineering programs at the international level,” said Dr. Nderitu adding that the net benefit is improved mobility of Kenyan graduates.

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