Karen Campus Orients New Students

Prof. Hellen Mberia addresses the freshers

JKUAT Karen Campus hosted an orientation event for its new students. The new students received a warm welcome from their lecturers and Heads of Departments led by their newly appointed Principal Prof. Hellen Mberia.

Her tenure kicked off in earnest with the admission of over 70% of the applicants having successfully been inducted into the University, with more students expected into the Campus.

Prof. Mberia who is also the immediate former Dean, School of Communication and Development Studies exuded confidence throughout the orientation ceremony while leading the students to chant along with her mantra “I can, I will and I must”.

She congratulated the students for their acceptance into the University saying that JKUAT is a prestigious and renowned academic institution across the country.

In order to succeed in the University, the don urged the new students to borrow a leaf from her personal journey and utilize her five key main principles of success.

“These five aspects of emphasis will take you through your four-year journey in the university. Be prepared all the time, do what it takes, focus, stand out and avoid ‘if only I knew syndrome,” said Prof. Mberia.

Prof. Mberia pledged to grow Karen Campus and ensure that the campus has more marketable programmes approved by relevant regulatory bodies in the County and the University Management.

She further pledged to open the door for more consultancy opportunities while working with more partners to offer the competencies available at the campus in order to transform the Country’s socio-economic fortunes.

Prof. Mberia added that she is also keen to forge a close working relationship with the University Management saying that the University requires all hands on deck to realize its mandate.

The Dean, School of Law, Dr. Stephen Aming’a, urged students not to shy away from expressing their liberal views saying that the Karen Campus Management are open to new ideas.

Karen Campus Staff and new Students in a commemorative photo

Dr. Aming’a encouraged the students to always maintain high standards while studying at the University.

“We encourage good behaviours as you go about with your Campus lives. We uphold high standards in this institution and disciplinary issues are dealt with swiftly”.

The Director of Academic Programmes, Dr. Anthony Kirimi reported that all the students who have been admitted to the Campus fall under the School of Law or Academic Programmes.

He urged students to be honest and desist from behaviours that would derail their academic journey such as examinations irregularities.

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