Karen Campus Conducts Curriculum Validation Workshop  

Principal Karen Campus, Prof. Hellen Mberia gives her remarks during the stakeholders workshop.

JKUAT Karen Campus hosted a stakeholder validation workshop to design curriculum and rules for four new programs. The event brought together specialists from a variety of disciplines, including business, marketing, entrepreneurship, media and health communication, to offer recommendations for improving the courses to fulfill professional requirements.

The four courses were Bachelor of Science in Revenue Administration, Bachelor of Science in E-Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Communication, Media and Marketing and Masters of Science in Health Communication.

Speaking during the seminar, Principal Karen Campus, Prof. Hellen Mberia stated that the CUE curriculum design standards necessitate that the programmes’ rationale should include the participation of stakeholders.

“By bridging the gap between industry and academia and adhering to CUE criteria and guidelines for the establishment of university academic programs, this stage is an essential procedure in curriculum development that ensures they satisfy industry requirements,” Prof. Mberia observed.

Stakeholders in a round table discussion.

She further said that gathering professional, market, and industry thoughts and opinions from stakeholders will enrich the content of the programmes, making them more sustainable and flexible while fulfilling market expectations.

The Principal commended the participants for their thoughtful suggestions, noting that they will expand the programs and give students the tools they need to be competitive in the world of work.

Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Society of Kenya, Mr. Edward Oswe said stakeholder involvement is essential in understanding how the industrial landscape is changing and for improving university programs to better suit business requirements.

“Higher education institutions have an obligation to deliver a curriculum that will place students in a better position in the employment market. Stakeholder participation is therefore one of the main components that will guarantee the programs are tailored to the demands of the sector,” Mr. Oswe stated.

The stakeholders after the curriculum validation workshop

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