JKUSA Leaders Undergo Leadership Training

From right: DVC Academic Affairs Prof. Robert Kinyua, the JKUSA Vice Chair Ms. Melody, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Ngumi, JKUSA Chairman, Mr. Wandiga and Dean of Students, Prof. Wanzala

The university arranged a week-long training session in Mombasa for the recently elected members of the Jomo Kenyatta University Students Association (JKUSA), aiming to provide these new leaders with essential leadership skills.

Running from March 12-15, 2024, the training covered various leadership aspects crucial to their roles as student representatives. Topics included financial accountability and stewardship, communication skills, conflict and negotiation, leadership ethics, and the art of constructive mobilization and advocacy, among others.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Ngumi, has urged the student leaders to prioritize on self-awareness and self-care because leadership requires a lot from them, both mentally and emotionally. This, she noted, necessitates that they take the time to reflect, recognize their talents, admit their flaws, and maintain their principles.

Speaking during the official closing of the week-long leadership program in Mombasa on Friday, March 15th, 2024, Prof. Ngumi stated that prioritizing their well-being would help them navigate the intricacies of their responsibilities.

“Accept the benefits of cooperation and teamwork. True leadership is defined not by individual accomplishments, but by the capacity to unify people, use their combined strengths, and pursue common goals. Promote an environment of inclusivity, empathy, and mutual respect in all your endeavors, valuing the diverse perspectives and contributions of each team member,” said Prof. Ngumi.

A section of the student leaders following during the training

During his speech to the student leaders, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Prof. Robert Kinyua encouraged them to understand the distinct opportunity they had as catalysts for change. He urged the students to exert effort and make substantial contributions towards providing focused solutions.

Mr. Fidel Newton Wandiga, the Chairman of JKUSA, emphasized the significance of the training, expressing that it had provided them with valuable insights. He mentioned their intention to apply the skills gained in their future endeavors. Additionally, he encouraged fellow leaders to demonstrate enthusiasm and readiness in addressing the needs and challenges faced by their peers.

While expressing her heartfelt gratitude to the management for their unwavering commitment to the holistic development of the students, the Dean of Students, Prof. Fridah Wanzala, thanked University management for the leadership training, stating that it would provide them with useful tips and skills to enable them to administer their roles effectively and articulately.

The training was punctuated by team-building activities aimed at transforming the JKUSA leaders into a cohesive team with a clear goal and direction.

A commemorative photo of the JKUAT management and the JKUSA leadership

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