JKUAT Wheelchair Centre Addresses Distribution Hurdles

Dr. Matheri Mwangi (right) leads the project team in evaluating responses from the referral actors

A meeting to address challenges encountered by community disability leaders assigned the role of referral actors under the JKUAT Wheel Chair project was held November 17, 2023 to explore ways of enhancing the impact of the Wheelchair Project.

The meeting brought together key stakeholders, including the Department of Rehabilitative Sciences at JKUAT led by Dr. Matheri Mwangi, Motivation Charity Trust, and community disability leaders from various regions.

The meeting at the JKUAT Wheelchair Centre comes on the heels of prior training session held in September 2023 for the Referral Actors who as leaders, they play a pivotal role in identifying individuals in need of wheelchairs, forming a vital link between the community and the JKUAT Wheelchair Centre.

Referral Actors were provided with questionnaires to share insights into the difficulties encountered in their efforts to direct individuals to the JKUAT Wheelchair Centre for services.

This feedback, as explained by Mr. Jacob Kitiyo from Motivation Charity Trust, is deemed essential in refining and optimizing the distribution process, aligning it with the project’s two-year life cycle objectives.

Mr. Kitiyo also briefed the attendees on a recent training held this year in early November, where 12 artisans from Nairobi Metropolitan, Baringo, and Kajiado were equipped with skills to repair and maintain wheelchairs at AIC Kajiado Child Care Centre.

This strategic move aims to address the mobility challenges faced by wheelchair users, ensuring that breakdowns do not hinder their daily lives.

Artisans trained on wheelchair repair and maintenance

According to Dr. Matheri, the collaborative efforts between JKUAT’s Department of Rehabilitative Sciences, Motivation Charity Trust and community disability leaders, coupled with the empowerment of local artisans, mark a significant stride towards the successful realization of The Wheelchair Project’s goals.

“Through these collective endeavours, the project aims to positively impact the lives of individuals in need, making mobility and accessibility a reality for everyone. We look forward to formally launching this JKUAT facility later in the year,” explained Dr. Matheri.

The JKUAT Wheelchair Centre opened its doors to the public in September 2023, and has so far issued 20 wheelchairs. In total the project has distributed 70 wheelchairs through various outreach missions in Kiambu, Kajiado and Baringo counties.

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