JKUAT Welcomes New Cohort of PSC Interns

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua gives his welcoming remarks

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has ushered in its latest cohort of interns from the Public Service Commission (PSC), a Kenyan government initiative that extends employment opportunities to graduates within diverse government agencies and parastatals.

The primary objective of this program is to equip participants with not only invaluable technical and professional competencies, but also to furnish them with hands-on experience within the public sector.

The comprehensive orientation event, held on August 23, 2023, marked the deployment of 36 interns across various departments within JKUAT. The program aims to provide them with practical exposure, facilitating skill refinement that can significantly enhance their employability prospects, foster networking opportunities, and even inspire entrepreneurial endeavors.

Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Dr. Joan Mutua giving her presentation

Addressing the interns during the welcome session, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua, encouraged them to maximize their learning throughout the one-year program. He emphasized the significance of these acquired skills, hinting that they could potentially augment their future job applications within the University.

“This internship program holds immense importance, as it acts as a bridge in addressing the skills gap, rendering you more competitive in the job market. Seize this occasion to absorb knowledge and infuse the public service arena with your innovative ideas; who knows, it might pave the way for your professional advancement,” said Prof. Ikua

Registrar, Administration and Finance, Dr. Rose Githu, outlined the multifaceted roles and responsibilities that the interns would undertake. These responsibilities span a diverse spectrum of tasks and projects aligned with their designated departments.

“In close collaboration with your supervisors, your duties will be aligned with the mutually agreed objectives set within your deployment areas,” stated Dr. Githu, adding a cautionary note on adhering to ethical conduct.

 PSC interns take oath to uphold university values and operate within the confines of their mandates

Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Dr. Joan Mutua, offered insights on customer care and service. She emphasized the pivotal role of hospitable behavior, detailing that customer service extends beyond aiding customers or users of products and services. It also encompasses creating a positive customer experience and ensuring their satisfaction.

“Attentive customer service hinges on valuing customer feedback and opinions. By doing so, we cultivate a positive institutional image that resonates with our patrons and the larger community,” advised Dr. Mutua.

The PSC’s commendable effort in furnishing paid internships to unemployed Kenyan graduates holds transformative potential. The focus on recent graduates offers an equitable platform for budding professionals to kick start their careers, acquire invaluable experience, and foster professional networks.

JKUAT members of staff from the Human Resource and Legal department welcome the new interns

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