JKUAT Students Emerge Tops in Entrepreneurship Roadmap Competition

A group of five JKUAT students beat their colleagues from nine Kenyan universities by coming up with the most exciting recommendations for deepening the culture of entrepreneurship among the youth.

Subsequently, the group’s recommendations have been adopted as the recommendations for the all participating students in the country. One student of JKUAT – Kerubo Araka,  a forth year Bachelor of Commerce student who was the team’s leader will  represent Kenya and Africa in the upcoming 4th edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum to be held in Singapore on November 2 – 5, 2011.

From left are JKUAT winning students, Kerubo Araka, Peninah Waweru, John Mulatya and Brian Selelo

The project team for, e~Tatu (one mentor and two mentees) and Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum 2011 composed of Kerubo Araka, Brian Selelo (fifth year Mechatronic Engineering), John Mulati (second year Mechanical Engineering), Sonia Araka and Penina Waweru. Ms. Kerubo Araka, a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student in the Entrepreneurship Department, will represent her colleagues and the African continent in Singapore. .

In partnership with AIESEC Kenya -that provides a platform for youth leadership development, transforming them into globally-minded responsible leaders , the Entrepreneurship & Leadership Foundation (E+L), a youth mentoring institution based in Nairobi organised a three days’ entrepreneurship Campaign dubbed ‘Connecting Young Entrepreneurs’ and was held by nine Universities on 13th to 15th of July, 2011. Over 300 young entrepreneurs, over 50 accomplished business mentors and relevant government representatives participated in this historic event.

The nine participating and host universities were: Catholic University of East Africa, Daystar University, Kenya College of Accountancy, Strathmore University, University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Egerton University, Kabarak University, and Moi University/Chepkoilel Campus.

“Congratulations to the JKUAT Team for their fantastic recommendations. From now on, the recommendations do not belong to JKUAT but to all the 9 Universities who took part in this unique experience,” wrote Magnus Johnson, National Project Coordinator of the event, in an email dated September 21, 2011 announcing the winner.

‘The event is an eye opener for our JKUAT team and has revealed to us the numerous entrepreneurship opportunities that exist and can be captured by the youth’ says JKUAT team leader Kerubo Araka. If implemented she added their recommendations could boost the country’s economy.

The students identified a number of challenges facing the training of entrepreneurship in the country and its practice. Examples include; poor youth work ethos, values and attitudes, poor governance and lack of prudent use of resources in institutions offering entrepreneurship education, limited funding and other resources in these institutions, limited capacity of increased intake in the same institutions, and institutions other than universities and colleges being considered for the “academically weak” youth, among others.

The theme of the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s 4th edition (that Ms. Kerubo Araka will be attending) is “Entrepreneurship – A Driver for Innovation and Technology”. Global think tank leaders gathering in Singapore will provide with recommendations about entrepreneurship as a driver for innovation and technology.

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