JKUAT Students Celebrate Cultural Diversity

The Dean of Students, Prof. Fredah Wanzala (center) and the Jkusa leaders  in a commemorative photo

The Office of the Dean of students in partnership with Office of the President (JKUSA) organized an annual cultural week event on November 23,2023 at the JKUAT Pavilion grounds to provide a vibrant platform for students to enhance national cohesion and diversity amongst the student through showcasing and celebrating their cultures.

Themed; “Cultural Diversity: Fabric of Africa Society,” the event provided an opportunity for an inclusive representation of the diverse cultures and talents, arts, food and fashion within the JKUAT fraternity and neighboring communities.

The cultural event brought together students from different ethnic community cultures such as the Maa, Agikuyu, Borana, Ameru, Dholuo, Akamba and Luhyas. These cultures competed in presenting their  fashion, food and performances.

Cultural performances including traditional dances, music recitals, and theatrical productions, captivated the imagination of the audience, transporting them virtually to different corners of the world. The performances were not only entertaining, but also served as a powerful medium for cultural education and awareness.

Dean of Students, Prof. Fredah Wanzala, graced the colorful event. She encouraged the students to use the occasion to learn from one another, to celebrate their diversity and to forge lifelong bonds that transcend borders.

The Maa students in their cultural attire

“This event  is a manifestation of our commitment to fostering understanding, respect, and appreciation for the diverse cultures that coexist within our academic family,” she added.

The JKUSA President, Brain Mutevu appreciated the students for committing to the event and the willingness to present their cultures to other students to create a sense of belonging. During his speech, he emphasized the importance of amplifying the heartbeat of our diversity through cultural exchange.

“We have created a space where cultures converge, traditions thrive, and understanding flourishes. The theme not only reflects the spirit of this event but also dedication, collaboration and passion from our incredible organizing committee and the entire student body,” he added.

To promote inclusivity, the organizing committee arranged interactive sessions, where students had the opportunity to learn basic phrases in different languages, try traditional dances, and savor unique dishes from around Africa. These activities were aimed at breaking down cultural barriers and foster a sense of unity among the JKUAT community.

The cultural extravaganza was not just a celebration of diversity; it was also a testament to the university’s commitment to nurturing a harmonious and inclusive campus environment. Through this annual event, JKUAT continues to inspire students to embrace and appreciate the rich mosaic of cultures that define their academic community.

The Borana students came to impress

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