JKUAT Stands Tall at Coastal National Indoors Games

Stray Cats in action at Pwani University

Amidst the relentless coastal heat and sky-high expectations from university community and sporting rivals, JKUAT rose above the pressure to deliver excellence as they secured a remarkable haul of eleven (11) medals at the Kenya University Sports Federation (KUSF) national indoor playoffs held at Pwani University. Among the medals, there were two (2) gold, two silver (2), and seven bronze (7).

The event, held on February 23-25, 2024, provided an opportunity for the men’s basketball team, the Stray Cats, to effortlessly pick off and boss their opponents. The Stray Cats, who clinched the gold, extended their winning streak while entertaining their fans, making victory seem like child’s play. With their unique style of play and athleticism, watching the Stray Cats in action has the effect of making the pulse go quicker.  The other high flyers and gold medalists were the female chess team.

The silver medalists were chess (men) and roll ball (women) while the bronze medalists were badminton (men and women), table tennis (women), scrabble (men), tennis (women) and roll ball (men).

 Dr. Waweru Kamaku, the Director of Sports at JKUAT, expressed immense pride and satisfaction at the level of commitment the student had shown throughout the tournament. He commended the athletes for their dedication, resilience, and exceptional performance.

 Dr. Kamaku emphasized that JKUAT’s success is a testament to the hard work and commitment of both the athletes and the coaching staff. Despite the remarkable achievement, Dr. Kamaku also highlighted that there is always room for improvement and emphasized JKUAT’s unwavering commitment to striving for excellence. He reiterated that the university’s goal remains to secure gold in every tournament, reflecting JKUAT’s relentless pursuit of sporting glory and commitment to maintaining high standards of performance.

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