JKUAT School of Medicine Welcomes New Medical Students

Dr. Were Onyino helping a student put on his white coat to symbolize his official initiation into the medical field

JKUAT School of Medicine marked a significant milestone on Friday, September 15, 2023, as it hosted its annual White Coat Ceremony. This momentous event symbolized the initiation of 120 newly enrolled medical students into the esteemed medical profession.

Organized by the Jomo Kenyatta Students Medical Association (JKUSMA) in collaboration with the Kenya Medical Association (KMA), the ceremony aimed to seamlessly integrate these budding medical scholars into their new educational journey.

The program unfolded as a masterful blend of effective mentorship, drawing wisdom from senior medical students, revered lecturers, distinguished consultants, dedicated medical officers’ associations, and generous sponsors.

During the ceremony, invited guests extended their warm congratulations to the incoming students, recognizing their achievement in gaining admission to medical school. Moreover, they generously imparted invaluable advice to navigate the rigorous path ahead.

Nickson Gitonga, Second Year Class Representative presents a gift to Dr. Mercy Korir.

Dr. Benjamin Nyakiri, an alumnus of JKUAT, emphasized the pivotal role of mentorship in providing guidance and counsel, underscoring the significance of cultivating a positive attitude and discipline as keys to achieving success.

Dr. Mercy Korir, Business Development Manager at AAR Hospital, encouraged the students to diversify their career choices, recognizing that versatility offers individuals the flexibility to adapt and innovate in an ever-evolving world.

Dr. Were Onyino, Patron of the Medical Students Association of Kenya (MSASKE), urged the students not to become overly absorbed in their studies but to explore various facets of life for holistic development.

“I encourage you to embrace teamwork and actively take part in extracurricular activities as these contribute to personal growth, complementing the academic journey,” advised Dr. Onyino.

The presentations by the guest speakers were followed by an interactive session where the newcomers and senior students had the opportunity to engage directly with the guests, seeking mentorship and addressing any queries or concerns they may have had.

The highlight of the ceremony was the sight of the students donning their white coats and solemnly reciting the Hippocratic Oath. This symbolic ritual served as a poignant reminder of the commitment to provide compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent care—a commitment that resonates from the very inception of their medical training.

In essence, the JKUAT School of Medicine’s White Coat Ceremony was a profound moment, marking not only the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding journey but also a pledge to serve humanity with unwavering dedication and excellence.

Cake cutting session by the guests together with the new students to commemorate the event.

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