JKUAT, PAUSTI Students Trained on Laser Beam and Friction Stir Welding

Prof. Ngumi presents a certificate of participation to one of the trainees. Looking on is AFTAAC Acting Director General, Ms. Sherine (2nd right) and the Head of League of Arab states mission, Nairobi, Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed 

Staff and students from JKUAT and PAUSTI have completed a ten-day intensive training on laser beam welding (LBW) and friction stir welding (FSW) of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

The training that commenced on February 28, 2022 was born out of the realization that technology in the manufacturing sector, especially in the area of welding is growing at an exponential pace, however, lack of skilled workforce to keep up with the technological advancement  remains  a major drawback in efforts to leverage the new technology.

LSW and FSW are both high precision welding processes and newly adopted technologies in the African continent and provides an avenues that skilled youth can tap into.

The course, funded by the Arab Fund for Technical Assistance for African Countries (AFTAC), saw 39 young scientists and engineers from JKUAT and 19 from PAUSTI trained.

The training provided them with comprehensive knowledge on the principals of laser beam systems, features and importance of laser beam welding process and laser-arc hybrid welding of different materials among other areas.

Speaking during the closing ceremony, March 10, 2022, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Ngumi emphasized the importance of the training in preparing the young engineers to the changes in the dynamic manufacturing industry.

“This training will help the trainees get a better understanding about the challenges faced by traditional manufacturing technologies and the need for advanced technologies such as the LBW and FSW that will make them more competitive in an ever-changing manufacturing environment,” Prof. Ngumi noted.

Prof. Ngumi interacts with the Head of League of Arab states mission, Nairobi, Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed

With both the Kenya Vision 2030 and Africa’s Agenda 2063 geared towards human development and the creation of a manufacturing economy, Prof. Ngumi posited that the training would be essential in spearheading the country’s and continent’s push in the attainment of both visions.

AFTAAC Acting Director General, Ms. Sherine Emam said, the fund which was established by the seventh Arab Summit Conference held in Rabat in 1974, aims at consolidating Afro-Arab relations and provide developing African countries with technical and administrative skills by providing training programs and scholarships.

“The fund provides technical assistance to African countries through four main channels; dispatch of experts and consultants, scholarships, training courses and technical studies,” asserted Mrs. Emam.

Dr. David Watene, a representative from the Ministry of Education highlighted on the importance of the training in inculcating the youth with skills that will sharpen their innovative knack.

“There is need to ensure our manufacturing industries adopt this new techniques which will be essential in spearheading the government’s big 4 agenda especially on manufacturing,” Dr. Watene asserted.

Principal COETEC, Dr. Hiram Ndiritu challenged the participants to utilize their acquired skills and bring about new changes in the manufacturing sector expressing his gratitude to the Arab league for providing the requisite funding and technical expertise for the training.

The meeting was also addressed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua, Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. David Mburu and Ag. Dean School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Dr. Onesmus Muvengei.

The closing ceremony was also attended by the Head of League of Arab states mission, Nairobi, Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed, Deputy Head of league of Arab States Mission Nairobi, Mr. Abdinour Adem Nour 3rd secretary at Sudan Embassy, Mr. Muhammed Osama, 3rd Secretary at Somalia Embassy, Mr. Khalid Ibrahim, Diplomatic Attachee at Kuwait Emassy, Mr. Fawaz Alenezi, Deputy of Ambassador of Oman Embassy, Dr. Seif Almeri, Deputy Head of Mission Nairobi, Dr. Saif Omran Al-Amri, Deputy Head of Mission Kenya, Mr. Nasser Mohammed Al-Faridi and 3rd Secretary at Qatar Embassy, Mr. Nayef Bin Majid Al Qahtani.

JKUAT, PAUSTI young engineers Trained on Laser Beam and Friction Stir Welding

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