JKUAT, Hasselt University Train on Bioinformatics

JKUAT, Hasselt University Train on Bioinformatics

The JKUAT Institute of Biotechnology Research (IBR), in collaboration with Hasselt University of Belgium, has successfully completed the training of a cohort comprising 42 postgraduate students and technical staff on programming with R and its application.

This initiative, made possible through the VLIR-OUS funded project, ‘Directed Breeding Programs for Improved Crop by Genetic Bioinformatics Research and Development in Kenya (C-BIRD),’ marks a significant step towards enhancing the expertise in bioinformatics for postgraduate students.

The training encompassed the fundamental syntax of the R programming language, as well as the application of R in real-world scenarios, particularly focusing on bioinformatics. It is designed to equip the participants with essential skills that are crucial for their academic and professional growth in the field.

Prof. Dirk Valkenborg (right) makes his remarks during the closing ceremony. Listening on (from left) is Dr. Johnstone Neondo, Dr. Simon Appeltans, Mr. Vincent Mortier and Prof. Justus Onguso

JKUAT coordinator of the project, Dr. Johnstone Neondo, underscored the importance of capacity-building among postgraduate students.

“Through hands-on training in bioinformatics, we aim to leverage the expertise of Uhasselt University to empower our students with practical knowledge and skills,” he said.

The three-day training, facilitated by Prof. Dirk Valkenborg, Dr. Simon Appeltans, and Mr. Vincent Mortier from Hasselt University, attracted participants from various academic institutions including JKUAT, University of Nairobi, University of Embu, Chuka University, SEKU, KCA University, Pwani University, and KEMRI Kisumu.

While meeting the training facilitators, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Production, and Extension, Prof. Jackson Kwanza, expressed profound appreciation to them for their invaluable contribution to the training program.

DVC RPE, Prof. Jackson Kwanza (3rd left) meets with the facilitators of the training.

He commended Prof. Valkenborg, Dr. Appeltans, and Mr. Mortier for their dedication and expertise in imparting knowledge to the participants.

Emphasizing on the importance of leveraging acquired skills to drive innovation and advance research in the field of bioinformatics, Prof. Kwanza said JKUAT is committed to fostering a culture of excellence and equipping students with the tools necessary for success in their academic and professional endeavors.

During the closing ceremony, Director, IBR, Prof. Justus Onguso urged participants to capitalize on the knowledge gained and apply it effectively in their academic pursuits and future endeavors.

“Let us make the most of this opportunity to advance our understanding and capabilities in the field of bioinformatics,” advised Prof. Onguso.

JKUAT, Hasselt University Train on Postgraduate Students Bioinformatics

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