JKUAT Alumni Share Career Insights for Marine Engineering

Faith Molaa (right) and Amos Bungei give their insight on the opportunities in the maritime sector

Two Marine Engineering alumni docked at JKUAT to conduct a mentorship program and give career tips to continuing students, June 8, 2023. Faith Molaa and Amos Bungei, employed by Carnival Cruise Line, shared their experiences of working in the shipping industry.

During the session, Faith Molaa, a Marine Engineer, expressed her desire to inspire female students by sharing her journey in a predominantly male-dominated field

“I am one of the few female engine engineers working at the ship and I would like to empower more ladies to join the profession and break the gender barriers in the male-dominated profession,” said Faith Molaa.

Amos Bungei, a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer, delivered an informative presentation to the students. He demonstrated how the JKUAT curriculum translates into practical applications in the maritime industry.

Students keenly following proceedings during the meeting

He urged the students to fully grasp the classroom knowledge and understand the fundamentals of Marine Engineering in order to excel as engineers.

The Chairperson Department, Marine Engineering and Maritime Operations, Dr. Jotham Munyalo urged his students to borrow a leaf from the two alumni.

“We intentionally brought in a male and female alumni in order to illustrate that there is room for everyone in the marine industry,” said Dr. Jotham Munyalo.

The professional and career talk, organized by the Marine Engineering and Maritime Operations Department, aimed to provide students with a fresh perspective on the course and elucidate how classroom knowledge aligns with the demands of the job market.

“By hearing from successful alumni, the students gained valuable insights into the practical applications of their studies and the opportunities available in the marine industry,” said Dr. Munyalo.

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