JKUAT – AISEC Club Holds Annual Forum

Ms. Muchiri explaining to the AISEC club members on the importance of being a proactive student.

The AISEC Club at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) held a four-day event from September 25 -28, 2023 to celebrate the annual AISEC youth month.

The JKUAT AISEC club partnered with various organizations such as NCBA, Standard Chartered Bank, Anza, ShareHub, Ajira Digital and Harley Reed, to impact their members with critical knowledge for their success.

AISEC is an international club that targets youth aged 18 – 30 years by offering internships and volunteer opportunities in over 120 countries across the globe.

This program gives the youth a chance to learn from other cultures by exposing them to diverse life perspectives. The club also promotes capacity building by training its members on improving their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Linda Makatiani, capital market specialist at ShareHub, said, that ShareHub is an online application that teaches members how to invest in the stock market. Through interactive webinars, Q &As and virtual games that train them on buying of stocks and shares virtually. The skills prepare students with requisite skills on how to invest in the real world.

 She also stressed that contrary to the popular belief, one does not need millions to start investing in the stock market, one can start with as low as five-hundred Kenyan shillings.

“There are enormous advantages that come with investing from a young age but the Kenyan youth lack the knowledge and skills to do so. ShareHub platform is bridging this gap by enabling young people to start building their wealth,” added Ms. Linda.

AISEC club members having an entertainment session.

On her part, Mercy Muchiri, Business Development Manager at Harley Reed encouraged students to think outside the box in order to grab various opportunities in the job market. She urged them to get as many certifications as they could to supplement their degrees and to give them a competitive edge.

“Life is not a straight path therefore you must be flexible and adaptable to fit in this dynamic world. Ensure that you maximize on your time in campus by being a proactive student, join clubs and societies to build on the much-needed people skills,” emphasized Ms. Muchiri.

Olga Neema, a JKUAT first year student studying Project Management said, she had gained invaluable knowledge from the forum, and having gained confidence and an inclination towards trying her hand in stock market through ShareHub.

“AISEC has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about financial literacy. I am looking forward to learning more through the various platforms I have heard about,” Ms. Neema remarked.

Sila Ngetich, Center M anager, Emobilis working under the Ajira Digital Program explained that the world has become a global village, providing the youth with opportunities to work remotely for international organizations.

“You should not only think of the local job opportunities, but also focus on the job ventures in the international market. Ajira Digital has provided you with the platform to get clients online and offer your skills either in editing, graphics and design, coding or many more fields,” Mr.  Sila emphasized.

Mr. Steve Kimoi, AISEC head of partnerships and events at JKUAT noted that AISEC is active and always ready to welcome new members. He further said, the partnership AISEC has with various organizations made it possible for the club to provide an informative and interactive session.

“We are working towards maintaining a vibrant club that is focused on value addition. I wish to encourage more JKUAT students to join AISEC to participate in volunteer and internship programs,” Mr. Kimoi explained.

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