JICA to Strengthen Africa’s Indigenous Knowledge in STI

Dr. Gumato presents JKUAT @ 20; A Pictorial History book to Dr. Nobuko during the visit

Africa as a continent is facing several major challenges that most argue, must first and foremost be tackled by the continent itself. To enhance Africa’s capacity to solve her own challenges, the Government of Japan through JICA sought to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Africa especially in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

Since inception in 1981, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has enjoyed immense support from the Government of Japan. The recent project that has benefitted from the collaboration is the African Union-african innovation-JKUAT And PAUSTI Network (AFRICA-ai-JAPAN) Project.

While visiting JKUAT, January 20, 2020, the JICA Headquarters Senior Vice President, Dr. Nobuko Kayashima said Japan, through the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN, was keen on enhancing the development of human resource in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and contribute to the indigenous development of the country.

“JKUAT has been an important project of the Government of Japan and through the continued collaboration, Japan hopes to use JKUAT as a centre of capacity building for STI in the continent,” said, Dr. Nobuko.

The Vice President further said, the collaboration seeks to advance the academia and industry linkages to enhance not only capacity building of human resource, but also, improve partnership models between Kenya and Japan.

Thanking the Government of Japan for the technical and finacial support accorded to JKUAT, the Chairperson of Council, Dr. Gumato Ukur Yatani said the support has enabled the University to develop and emerge as one of the top-class universities in the region, particularly in the fields of Agriculture, Science and Engineering.

Citing the noodles factory handed over by the Japanese Nissin Foods Holding Company, Dr. Gumato was enthusiastic on the notion of linkages, especially with industry, adding that it will boost the country’s industrialization agenda.

A commemorative group photo

Going forward, the Chair of Council said JKUAT will continue to cherish the long standing partnership, and work towards making it more beneficial and stronger in a bid to achieve sustainable socio-economic development for the country and region.

Welcoming the JICA team, Dr. Gumato was joined by fellow Council member, Mr. Thomas Mshindi Nyamacha and Deputy Vice Chancellors; Prof. Bernard Ikua and Prof. Robert Kinyua.

Dr. Nobuko was accompanied by Chief Representative, JICA Kenya Office, Mr. Katsutoshi Komori and Project Formulation Advisor (Education), JICA Kenya Office, Ms. Mika Okamura.

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