JHUB Africa Launches Initiative to Boost Kenya’s Tech Landscape

Trainees in session at ICT labs

JHUB Africa, housed within the Department of Computing at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), has unveiled an educational initiative – “Rapid Tech Skills Training” to serve as a catalysts for driving progress and propelling Kenya towards technological advancement and global competitiveness.

The program is spearheaded under the umbrella of Strengthening of Kenya’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (SKIES).

The flagship project of SKIES and the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Programme (KIEP) is supported by the World Bank and executed in collaboration with the State Department of Investment, Trade and Industry, and Spineberg-E4Impact JV, and seeks to empower 33 promising individuals from diverse backgrounds across Kenya.

The selected students will undergo intensive training aimed at equipping them with cutting-edge tech skills essential for thriving in the 21st-century digital landscape.

In efforts to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, JHUB Africa aims to revolutionize tech education through Rapid Tech Skills Training.

Dr. Lawrence Nderu, Chairman of the Department of Computing and Founder of JHUB Africa, underscores the program’s significance: “The SKIES Rapid Tech Skills Training isn’t merely about imparting technical knowledge; it’s about nurturing a cadre of innovators and leaders poised to drive Kenya’s digital economy forward.”

The curriculum is meticulously designed  to cover critical areas such as cybersecurity, software engineering, data science, entrepreneurship, and essential soft skills.

Participants will explore the realm of Generative AI, gaining profound insights into its potential for innovative problem-solving and enhanced productivity.

Moreover, emphasis will be placed on practical software engineering skills, alongside entrepreneurial development and honing soft skills crucial for success in today’s professional landscape.

The program focuses on engaging and comprehensive sessions designed to empower participants with relevant skills and knowledge to make meaningful contributions to the tech industry locally and internationally.

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