International Students share JKUAT Experiences

Josephine at the Architecture Labs working on a project

International students studying at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) have provided important insights on what makes the University to stand out among its peers. In a self-assessment of their academic progress, most international students expressed a strong desire to return to JKUAT for further studies and recommended it to other prospective students for training, research, and academic programs.

Tanzania’s Josephine Mbwambo, a 5th year Bachelor of Architectural Studies student, praised JKUAT’s approach to mentorship: “The lecturers don’t spoon-feed you. They mentor you to be a responsible person, so you have a personal connection with your field of study – that’s really impressive.” Josephine’s biggest takeaway from JKUAT is “having strong values and principles” and she has built a wide network of professionals during her time at the university.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s Jackson Ishara, a 3rd year Food Science and Technology PhD candidate, chose JKUAT after a friend recommended it. Having already completed his Master’s degree at JKUAT, he has a strong affiliation with the university and lauds the lecturers’ willingness to listen to students.

“Dr. John Kinyuru, my current supervisor, is very humble and disciplined; Prof. Daniel Sila, my former supervisor, inspires me with his hard work; and Prof. Owino Willis always helps,” says Jackson.

Jack Ishara (right) with his supervisor Dr. John Kinyuru

Cameroon’s Clinton Yimnai, a 4th-year Bachelor of Business Information Technology student, also credits his lecturers for their attention to detail. He finds academic life at JKUAT enjoyable and appreciates the university’s efforts to break academic monotony. Clinton values the orientation program and the trips to exciting places like Nakuru and access to learning materials not available at his previous university. He’s also passionate about sports and participates in activities like basketball and table tennis.

Since 2012, JKUAT has welcomed students from over 25 countries, including Japan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and India. The most popular course among international students is Bachelor of Science in Radiography, and there’s a growing interest in student exchange programs.

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