Message from the Director

As rapid population growth continues exerting pressure on limited resources in developing countries, Kenya included, the demand for enhanced industrial productivity and sustainable energy solutions, among other economic growth ingredients, is increasingly becoming prominent. There is therefore need for stakeholders at policy and implementation levels to put in place mechanisms for exploiting affordable energy resources while ensuring that industrial workplaces are efficient in productivity and friendly to both workers and the environment. Worthy of note is that environmental degradation has escalated in all sectors to worrying levels. The situation has been exacerbated by lack of appropriate technologies in agricultural, energy and manufacturing processes. It is for this reason that the Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology strives to provide technical solutions to address energy and environmental conservation issues, in addition to making work stations safe and friendly. The Institute offers academic and short courses in various areas under energy, environment and occupational safety and health technology. In addition, to maintain best business practices in the path to becoming a centre of excellence in Energy, Environmental and Health and Safety technologies, the Institute has ventured into research and innovation collaborations with a number of organizations, both locally and internationally. The Institute also offers consultancies in energy, environment and occupational safety and health at competitive terms.

I wish to sincerely thank our clients, partners and all stakeholders for continued cooperation and support in various engagements, and call upon other players within our operational realm to join us in generating lasting solutions to societal challenges.

For more information, please contact us at: or pay us a visit in IEET Building, ground floor.

Prof. J. Kamau, Director, Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology, JKUAT