Message from Director

The Institute was established in 1990 to focus on research and training on energy and environmental technologies. The institute is currently putting a lot of emphasis in innovations and development of energy, environmental and occupational health and safety technologies. This is particularly so in the research projects at the institute and capacity building through technology oriented postgraduate training programs.

The institute strives to be a centre of excellence in energy, environmental and occupational health and safety technologies. This includes development of cleaner production technologies for adoption in industries, innovations in renewable energy and non-renewable energy technologies to help alleviate energy shortages and tame global warming whose impact is currently being felt worldwide while ensuring a safe and sound working environment.

At IEET we subscribe to the principle of sustainable development which is geared to benefit both present and future generations. In this endeavour, the Institute has developed several postgraduate programs to meet this demand. Our programs are listed elsewhere in this website.

Consultancy Services.

The Institute also offers consultancy services in the fields of energy, especially renewable energy; environment; and occupational health and safety. The Institute is registered with NEMA as a training centre for Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit.

Consultancy services offered include:
i. Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Audits
ii. Energy Audits
iii. Wastewater treatment technologies
iv. Trainings in energy, environment and occupational safety and health
v. Energy systems design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems (biogas, solar, wind energy and hybrid systems)

For more information, please contact us at: or pay us a visit in IEET Building, ground floor.

Prof. Robert Kinyua, PhD