IBR – KEMRI Wellcome trust seminar on health research June 2013


Research visit

On the 8th of May 2013, IBR hosted an open seminar comprising of scientists from the KEMRI-Wellcome trust program in Kilifi. The team comprised of Dr. James Nokes, Dr. Antony Etyang, Dr. Charles Sande, Dr. Sophie Uyoga, Dr. Faith Osier, Ms. Tahreni Bwanaali and Tim Kinyanjui. The seminar theme was exploring opportunities in health research between both institutes. IBR research scientists led by Dr.Sheila and Dr. Kasili organized the seminar. In attendance were staff members and students at MSc and PhD levels from Biochemistry, Computer science, Statistics and actuarial sciences. The IBR director opened the seminar and welcomed the speakers. He gave a background of the university and IBR. Dr. Antony Etyang gave a background of the program in Kilifi and possible avenues for collaborations. The rest of the speakers presented on their specific projects which were followed by general discussion sessions. The specific thematic areas discussed were basic research encompassing epidemiology and molecular biology as well as statistics and mathematical modeling. During the open discussion, Professor James Nokes explained the competitive Intern scheme available for the BSc level. There was an opportunity to also explore and formulate projects at the MSc level that would involve competitive selection of students within the university departments. The Kilifi group had a tour of the IBR and Biochemistry laboratories. In conclusion, it was generally agreed that the collaboration would initially start out as individual collaborations on various research projects encompassing bioinformatics, epidemiology, molecular biology, statistics and mathematical modelling.

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