Lead Research Projects at IBR

Exploring the potential use of extremophilic bacteria as Biocontrol in crop husbandry. Profiling Ecological and Evolutionary Association of Pathogenic viruses affecting animal husbandry in Kenya Identification of genetic signatures and development of molecular markers for breeding program in poultry and domestic animals. In vitro mass propagation of endangered economically important Kenyan plant species Epidemiology and Genetic characterization of Kenyan Maize Lethal Necrosis Viral Disease

2019 IBR MSc and Ph.D graduates

In 2019, the institute released two Ph.D.’s and one MSc graduates into the job market. Eunice Mulango, an MSc graduate, undertook a research project titled  ‘Isolation and characterization of alkalithermophilic bacteria from the hot springs of lake Magadi’ as part of her MSc qualification requirement. Ms. Grace Waceke Mungai, one of the Ph.D. graduates undertook research titled ‘Whole-genome sequencing and transcriptome analysis of Africa tomato and eggplant’ while Irene Nafula Ogali, the second Ph.D. graduate undertook research titled ‘Molecular diversity of avian paramyxoviruses in domestic poultry and wild birds in Kenya’.

Postgraduate progress report presentations held on 23rd October 2019

Postgraduate progress report presentations held on 23rd October 2019

The planned postgraduate progress report presentations held on 23rd October 2019 was a successfully event. The postgraduate students who presented had the chance to be examined and advised by institute’s staff and other invited experts on the progress of the research work. This seminar presentation is a mandatory pre-requisite for all postgraduate students and is held on quarterly basis to enable the institute keep track of the progress made by students and plan for completion of their studies