A short course on Basics of Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology has changed forever the teaching of life sciences around the world. Any life scientist who refuses to embrace the use of molecular tools is slowly but surely committing academic suicide. The characterisation and identification of any living thing is now incomplete without the use of molecular tools. The search and discovery of novel drugs, drug targets, enzymes and other useful Biological products can now be better achieved using molecular Biology tools. Diagnosis of Plant, animal and human pathogens can better be done if we embrace molecular diagnostics.

This short course in Molecular Biology aims to equip researchers; lecturers and technicians in Molecular Biology skills to enable them improve their research and teaching. On completion of the module, the student should be able to: have a strong theoretical foundation in molecular genetics concepts; Apply the use of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genetics to gene manipulations; Plan and perform basic molecular biology laboratory manipulations; Develop an understanding of micro-organisms and their applications; Demonstrate skills and techniques in recombinant DNA technology; Apply theory to practice in order to interpret experimental data from gel electrophoresis, cloning experiments, DNA sequencing, restriction digestion, PCR, etc; Do simple troubleshooting and critically analyse procedures with regards to controls and standards

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