IBR SEMINAR(2nd October 2013): Progress towards developing Drought Tolerant Tropical Maize.

  Dr. Sylvester Anami, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Biotechnology Research, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology (JKUAT), will make a presentation on “Bioenergetics flexibility- as the basis for developing tropical maize lines with enhanced tolerance to drought and oxidative stresses”. VENUE: SCC 100  (JKUAT)                      TIME: 2.15 pm

TRAINING COURSES ON “Applied Tissue Culture” AND “Techniques in Molecular Biology” OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2013

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and the Institute of Biotechnology Research wish to announce the following two short courses in Applied Tissue Culture and in Techniques in molecular biology.  These will be intensive laboratory based courses aimed at imparting participants with practical experience of producing and handling tissue culture plantlets AND with practical experience of analytical and preparative techniques for DNA screening/PCR/primer designs

IBR – KEMRI Wellcome trust seminar on health research June 2013

IBR – KEMRI Wellcome trust  seminar on health research June 2013

  On the 8th of May 2013, IBR hosted an open seminar comprising of scientists from the KEMRI-Wellcome trust program in Kilifi. The team comprised of Dr. James Nokes, Dr. Antony Etyang, Dr. Charles Sande, Dr. Sophie Uyoga, Dr. Faith Osier, Ms. Tahreni Bwanaali and Tim Kinyanjui. The seminar theme was exploring opportunities in health research between both institutes. IBR research scientists led by Dr.Sheila and Dr. Kasili organized the seminar. In attendance were staff members and students at MSc and PhD levels from Biochemistry, Computer science, Statistics and actuarial sciences. The IBR director opened… Continue reading →