IEET Tree Planting Initiative towards Environmental Conservation

Prof. Joseph Kamau (left) and Dr. Paul Njogu (right) during the tree planting exercise.

To enhance the tree aesthetics of the University, the Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IEET) planted a variety of ornamental trees including Thika Palm, Bottle Brush and Warburgia UgandensisMuthiga”, July 14, 2022.

Apart from the beautification aspect of the trees, the exercise was also geared towards creating a safe and clean environment through the protection of soil and its micro-organisms.

Speaking during the tree planting exercise, the IEET Director, Prof. Joseph Kamau acknowledged that trees have both social and cultural benefits. They not only enhance resilience and ecosystem services but also contribute to the green economy, he noted.

“If we manage trees well, they’ll give us good services that we cannot live without,” said Prof. Kamau adding that trees protect the soil from erosion, are a habitat to many animals, increase the oxygen levels in the environment, provide food and prevent land degradation.

Dr. Paul Njogu, a Senior Researcher at IEET remarked that the institute intends to extend the exercise to the University at large as well as the surrounding communities in an effort to educate the masses on the importance of environmental conservation.

In the world today, trees are a renewable resource that can be grown, improved and looked after. They play a critical role in sustaining life on the planet as they give us oxygen and stabilize the soil. According to the IEET team, it is critical to ensure we not only take care of the trees but increase tree cover as a way of safeguarding a better, cleaner environment.

To play their part in curbing the emission of greenhouse gases such as Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Carbon dioxide, IEET intends to carry out the tree planting exercise annually. This will be vital in controlling the extreme rise in temperatures witnessed.

A group photo of the IEET staff members who took part in the tree planting exercise

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