Holography in Kenya and Sub Saharan Africa

Complete optical table made locally at JKUAT ready for use.

A successful experimental set-up to implement holography in the African continent has been designed and fabricated at JKUAT. The experiment, the first of its kind in this region, can be applied for both laboratory and commercial use within Africa by novice users.

With the rapid growth and development of modern technology in our markets, fake currency notes, bank credit cards, University certificates, sensitive government documents amongst others have found their way into the markets. The challenge has remained to differentiate authentic documents from fake supplies. This is the main foundation of this research for impending a unique emblem that will be attached onto documents and make it impossible to counterfeit products. The emblem carries 3-dimensional special information that can be used by any user to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Holography can be applied as a security feature on quality merchandise like university certificates, car log books, title deeds amongst others for these features are difficult to forge. Also in data storage where the volume of recording media is used instead of just the surface i.e. up to 3.9 TB can be stored on a compact disk that initially carried 700MB. It can further be applied in holographic Interferometry where measurement of stress, strain, and vibration in engineering structures can be accurately determined.

The research is being done by Dr. Geoffrey K. Rurimo, Dr. George Nyakoe and Calvine Ominde, staff at JKUAT.

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