HIV/AIDS awareness week

A set of free VCT testing tents form Liverpool VCT have been set up within the university for the period of 24th November to 30th November.

The services start at 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m every day as per the above dates.

The six tents have been set up at the under-listed venues:

1.      The Graduation square next to the basketball court – (1)

2.      The junction heading to the RPE office – (1)

3.      Behind the assembly hall – (1)

4.      Hall six gate – (1)

5.      Hall seven entrance – (1)

6.      New Science Complex – (1)

This is to invite you to participate, know your status and request that you kindly announce and promote the event to your colleagues, friends and family members.

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