Grants for research and extension

DVC RPE, Prof. Kahangi Receiving grants from Mr. Yoshiya NISHIBATA Project Coordinator, Project of JICA Cooperation for AICAD

AICAD/JICA grants financial support to projects with the aim of increasing food security among farmers. The departments of Horticulture and Biomechanical Engineering received grants for research and extension. Continued research at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, has developed two technologies which are very effective, affordable and sustainable, towards management of banana nematodes, weevil and Fusarium wilt. The technologies are based on enhancing plants resistance to pest and disease through endophytic fusarium isolates. In addition, Trichorderma harzianum has also been shown to control Fusarium wilt in banana, a disease that has threatened the production of the sweet banana. These two technologies are ready for dissemination, after laboratory and field trials have been carried out at the University.

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