Governor Wamatangi Lauds JKUAT’s Innovative Prowess

Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi presents JKUAT value added products to the Kiambu County Governor, H.E Kimani Wamatangi when she paid a courtesy on the Governor

Kiambu County Governor, H.E. Kimani Wamatangi, has acknowledged the innovative prowess of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) epitomized by the quality of education and research being carried out at the University.

“JKUAT has a well-established reputation for its commitment to innovation and excellence, particularly in the areas of agriculture, engineering and technology,” said, Governor Wamatangi.

Governor Wamatangi made the remarks during a courtesy call to his office by JKUAT’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi, accompanied by her Deputies, Prof. Bernard Ikua and Prof. Robert Kinyua on Friday, February 17, 2023.

The Governor further encouraged the institution to continue developing research-driven solutions to the challenges facing the county and the country at large.

As a leading public institution in the country, JKUAT must be at the forefront in providing solutions to our challenges. This will indeed bring out the importance of universities like JKUAT in addressing societal challenges through research, innovation, and collaboration with local governments and communities,” advised Governor Wamatangi.

Round table discussion during the courtesy call

In response to the Governor’s call for research-driven solutions, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Victoria Ngumi, affirmed the University’s commitment to its vision of “global excellence in training, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship for development.”

She assured the Governor that JKUAT will continue to prioritize the development of practical solutions that benefit society.

Citing top-notch research enterprises taking place at JKUAT such as the Legume Centre of Excellence for Food Nutrition Security, Cassava Virology and EU funded Food Fortification project, Prof. Ngumi said, “the university is dedicated to making meaningful impact through its work, and its collaboration with national and local governments, industry players and policy makers is a great step towards achieving that goal.”

She further informed the Governor that JKUAT is proactive in Africa’s development through various research initiatives.

“In 2012 for example, JKUAT won a competitive bid to host the Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation, a graduate hub that has thrust JKUAT prominence in Africa’s integration and development through graduate training and research,” explained Prof. Ngumi.

The meeting also addressed the issue of security around the university. The Governor pledged his support to ensure that the university and its surrounding area are secure, and his first course of action will be to ensure that the university’s surroundings are well-lit.

“We have adopted and are implementing a policy to have solar lighting at public areas and repair the damaged public lighting facilities,” said Governor Wamatangi.

The meeting was also addressed by the Deputy Governor Kiambu County, Rosemary Kirika and CEC Education, Gender and Culture and Social Services, Dr. Bibianne Waiganjo, among other county officials.

From Left: Deputy Governor, Rosemary Kirika, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Ngumi, Governor, Kimani Wamatangi, DVC Academic Affairs, Prof. Robert Kinyua, CEC Education, Dr. Bibianne Waiganjo and DVC Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua

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