Giving Students Value for their Money: JKUAT Takes the Lead

When JKUAT introduced the Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics programme, a course that integrates electrical, electronic, Mechanical and Mechatronic technologies, it was a first for the region. The unique and highly marketable attributes of the programme has endeared its graduates to employers leading to increased applications for the programme that is now equally offered at graduate level.

And now, JKUAT is rearing to set another first by benchmarking its mechatronics programme on global excellence through a partnership with the world Electronics and Engineering giant, the Siemens AG. In a move that will see JKUAT offer the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Programme (SMSCP), the partnership will not only make JKUAT graduates more suitable to the local job market but also grant them global appeal.

The SMSCP emphasizes holistic, hands-on Mechatronic education in which students learn about the complexities of the system. This approach to learning which inverts the traditional method starts out at the macro level, focuses on physical properties and systems modules, hence equipping the students with competence to diagnose system malfunctions.

Upon successful implementation of the SMSCP at JKUAT, Kenya will be the second country in Africa after South Africa to partner with the Siemens in offering the international certification.
Speaking during the familiarization tour at JKUAT, Des Burrows, Siemens General Manager in charge of Service delivery for Southern Africa commended JKUAT for the lead in Mechatronic training and the high quality of graduates from the university who continue to make major contributions in the field of engineering.  This led to the identification of JKUAT as a partner school by Siemens.

The SMSCP to be implemented in two levels confers copious benefits to the partner institution: besides the additional mark of distinction, JKUAT will now have access to international network of mechatronics and advanced technology educators and industry players and provider of the SMSCP exams.

Equally, the students acquire the world-class industry certification in mechatronics besides the normal degree qualification on the same. This affords them the much needed competitive edge in the global market. The innovative training approach produces all rounded individuals, capable of seamlessly adopting to diverse work situations, what is referred to by the Germans as handlungskompetenz

Mr. Kevit Desai, the Director of Engineering, Centurion Systems who accompanied Burrows underscored the need for universities to contribute to the transformations of industries through innovation. “JKUAT being the home of mechatronics in the country, your role cannot be overemphasized”, said Mr. Desai.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mabel Imbuga welcomed the initiative and pledged the university support and readiness to actualize the project.

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