Gender and Sexual Harassment Seminar Held

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) staff have undergone refresher training on Gender and Sexual Harassment.

The training conducted virtually on November 11, 2021 was organized by the university through the Directorate of Gender and Mentoring Centre, led by Prof. Wanjiru Wanyoike and facilitated by the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC).

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Robert Kinyua said, JKUAT is at the forefront of pushing for gender equality by mainstreaming gender-sensitive research and gender equality goals within the university policies.

He noted that the training was a huge milestone in the university’s effort to continuously make improvements in gender mainstreaming.

“JKUAT is at the fore front of championing gender equality and we believe in the principles of continuous improvements,” said Prof. Kinyua

Senior Program Officer of NGEC, Mr. John Nzioka, who was one of the facilitators, commended JKUAT for laying down principles and policies to ensure every staff member thrives in their profession.

While acknowledging that most institutions have gender mainstreaming policies, Mr. Nzioka pointed out that the policies are kept on the shelves making it hard for staff to familiarize themselves with them.

He explained that all staff members are required to familiarize with institutional policies in order to effectively comply with existing code of conduct and principles as dictated by their performance contracts.

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