Freshmen Stream to JKUAT with Renewed Hope

Sophie keenly listens to grandfather Yiampoi's counsel  as the father John (left) witnses

Sophie keenly listens to grandfather Yiampoi’s counsel as the father, John (left) witnesses

Hundreds of freshmen streamed through gates of JKUAT campuses Monday September 1, 2014, ready to begin academic journey that will culminate in award of degrees in various academic programmes. At the Main Campus, Juja, different colleges, schools and faculties welcomed the avid scholars some of who were accompanied by their parents and guardians.

At the registration desk, School of Medicine, Sophie Renoi Kararam waited patiently as University officers crosschecked her documents; an exercise that would shortly grant her dream to study Medicine, a dream she has passionately nursed since early primary school days.

It was at Moisiongiroi Girls High School Bomet, where Sophie managed 77 points (A-) to earn her place among other top performers to pursue a childhood dream at her university of choice. Ipso facto, Sophie becomes the first female student from the expansive Transmara West Sub-county to study medicine; enlivening the hopes of female gender from the region.

Assured of her place in the School of Medicine, Sophie has crystallized her career path. She hopes to major in obstetrics and gynecology. Why?

From Left, Joyce Njoki (Enterpereneurship), Consolate Wangeci (Procurement) and Ann Njau (Mass Communication), could not hide their joy to part JKUAT community

From Left, Joyce Njoki (Entrepreneurship), Consolata Wangeci (Procurement) and Ann Njau (Mass Communication), could not hide their joy to part JKUAT community

“Women in my community continue to suffer due to lack of qualified medical practitioners. I look forward to helping vulnerable mothers and children to live through childbirth,” avers Sophie.

That is not all. She also hopes to challenge, inspire and role model young girls from her backyard to aim higher, prioritize education and not settle for less.

“Most people in the village believe courses like Medicine and engineering are meant for boys. This is a myth. Any dedicated and focused individual can be successful in these programmes irrespective of gender,” affirms Sophie.

As witnesses to Sophie’s historic day, the lass barely out of her teenage was accompanied to JKUAT by her father, John Ole Kararam; grandfather, Murero Ole Yiampoi; uncle, Joseph Saningo Olempiding and friend, Stephen Ole Narupa.

The father, John Ole Kararam cogently captures aspirations of his community which Sophie now embodies.

“From childhood she has wanted to study medicine. We are happy she got the chance. We hope when she concludes her studies, she will alleviate the suffering of her people back in the village and we wish her well,” exhorted John.

Students arrive for registration at the Main Campus, Juja

Students arrive for registration at the Main Campus, Juja

Like Sophie, Zafrin Akim, another freshman at the School of Civil, Environmental & Geospatial Engineering (SCEGE) was palpating to register and begin classes for the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

“I am excited to finally set foot in JKUAT as a student. This is an opportunity I have looked forward to for a long time,” says Zafrin.

The teenager explains that his decision to enroll for a programme at JKUAT was arrived at after wide consultations with mentors and parents.

“The University has good teaching facilities, the environment is conducive and the faculty approachable and helpful,” confided Zafrin.

Zafrin and Sophie are among some, 6, 000 students who will have JKUAT as their second home beginning this September. Majority of the students will be based at the main campus in Juja while the rest will be enrolled in the other campuses and CBD centres in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kisii, Kakamega, Kitale, Arusha (Tanzania) and Kigali (Rwanda).

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