First Quarter (2012) Ranking of Departmental websites

Dr. Nancy Budambula, Head of Botany Department

The Department of Botany emerged top in the first quarter of 2012 ranking of departmental web pages recently initiated by the University Website Management Committee. The results of the ranking that were released on Monday, May 7, 2012 saw the Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics come second with the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences taking the third position. The ranking is based on information provided to stakeholders; research activities undertaken in the department, publications, information on journals, undergraduate and post graduate theses abstracts, programmes and general information about the department.

On receiving the news, Dr. Nancy Budambula, the Chairperson of Botany Department, welcomed the ranking saying the development of the website for the department had a journey that her department had walked for the last five years. “The idea of our website is to provide information about the department mainly targeting students and our wider stakeholders”, she said. The department, she added, had put in place a public relations team headed by Dr. Peter Mwangi to manage the website content.

Top Fifteen Departments

1 Department of Botany
2 Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics
3 Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
4 Institute for Biotechnology Research
5 Department of Mechatronic Engineering
6 Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science
7 Department of Biochemistry
8 Institute of Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases
9 Department of Horticulture
10 Department of Physics
11 Faculty of Agriculture
12 Department of Food Science
13 Department of Architecture
14 Institute of Energy & Environmental Technology
15 Department of Biomechanical & Environmental Engineering

Detailed ranking results – April 2012 Edition

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