Experts Attribute Low Interest in Creative Careers to Poor Role Modelling

Registrar Academic Affairs, Dr. Esther Mworia ( second right) guides aspiring university students on some of the courses offered at JKUAT

Despite the creative industry remaining the leading creator of job opportunities globally, local experts have attributed the low number of students pursuing careers in the industry in Kenya to poor role modelling with the society perceiving creatives such as tailors and deejays as poor.

“The community has taken no effort in terms of providing the role models in the creative fields. When you think of a tailor or a deejay in the community, most people will think of a poor man trying to survive but what they are missing is that there are many successful tailors, deejays and even hair dressers,” noted the experts.

The experts were speaking during a two-day higher education and career fair, sponsored by Nation Media Group, held between January, 17-18, 2020.

The experts urged parents to stop pushing their children into pursuing courses the parents themselves considered dream careers during their heydays, advising that they should instead have a discussion and decide together on the career they could pursue.

“The children can get the information about the latest trends while the parents can bring their practical experience to the table to make a decision,” one of the experts noted.

They further urged parents to be open minded to creative careers stating that future careers are based on technological advancement coupled with individual creativity.

Parents and students who flocked to the JKUAT Exhibition Stand lauded the University for offering hands on training which has enabled fresh graduates to employ themselves rather than rely on being employed.

Mrs. Ann Njeri Nyaga, a parent to three aspiring university candidates, expressed her hope that all her daughters will be joining JKUAT as per her family’s tradition.

Mother and her daughter who is aspiring to join JKUAT peruse the  programmes in the brochure

“All my brothers and sisters studied in JKUAT and I hope my daughters will also join the University. JKUAT is a reputable institution in both training and quality courses and therefore you will not need to be employed after your graduation but you can start your own businesses,” said Mrs. Nyaga.

Mr. Mathew Muhoi, a student who recently completed his secondary school education from Kiamotogo boys in Kirinyaga County, said JKUAT was his first choice University for his career advancement in Mechanical Engineering.

The career fair provided a platform for students, school leavers, graduates and career seekers to engage with local and international higher education providers, including government agencies. The participants sought information and career guidance on future careers through higher education courses, vocational training or professional training.

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