Experts Advocate for Medication Therapy Management as JKUAT Hosts World Pharmacy Day

Dr. Alex Mureithi Dean School of Pharmacy receives a trophy for the JKUAT Team that emerged second in the overall ranking

In an ideal healthcare system, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) should be the first step before one embarks on any treatment journey. The comprehensive medication assessment by a pharmacist in an MTM session would improve an individual patient’s therapeutic outcomes while also identifying and preventing costly medication-related adverse effects.

This was part of the message delivered by an MTM consultant specialist Dr. Joseph Murithi at the 2022 World Pharmacy day as students and professionals in the Pharmacy industry gathered at JKUAT to mark the event held on September 24th.

Dr Joseph Murithi an MTM consultant

In expounding on the immense benefits of MTM, an approach that pharmacists are pushing to include in the Pharmacy Society of Kenya (PSK) practice bill as a service and a right, Dr. Murithi believes that MTM reduces patient pill and financial burden while helping patients understand the medication.

“MTM is a gap that needs to be filled in Kenya. As a pharmacist, it is essential to care for the patient’s medication background because your work is not just to dispense medicine. Using the step-by-step formula of MTM, the pharmacist can eliminate or provide alternative medication, especially for those with comorbidities, therefore prevent organ damage”, explained Dr. Murithi.

Students from Kabarak University who emerged top during the compounding process

The event was characterized by lab competitions that focused on three key areas. The pharmacy management session where JKUAT won first prize, aimed at testing the students’ business acumen through solving the various case studies.

The drug compounding session, in which JKUAT came in third, required students to accurately combine different drugs to formulate a customized prescription within a set time frame, an activity performed in pharmacies while customers wait.  The third category focused on patient counseling.

To cement the team-building spirit in which JKUAT took the second position, there were indoor and outdoor sporting events featuring competitive games such as Play Station soccer, chess, scrabble, walking, and musical chairs among others.

On the other hand, students also participated in a mime session where they were required to describe or interpret the medical activity displayed by various professionals.

Dr Anthony Yaile from University of Kabianga

During the closing ceremony, Dr. Anthony Yaile the Chairman South Rift Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK), urged the students to join professional bodies in order to bolster their applications when looking to secure employment.

His counterpart Dr. David Odhiambo from the Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (KAPI) reiterated the need to strengthen regulation in the industry in order to serve patients better. He added that policies once formulated and implemented would create avenues for advocacy in promoting medication safety.

The event which was organized by Kenya Pharmacy Students Association (KEPHSA) and hosted by JKUAT for the first time was attended by various Kenyan universities among them Kenya Methodist, Kabarak, Mount Kenya, Kenyatta, USIU, and the University of Nairobi.

The Walking competition that turned into a marathon

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