Expansion Work on Varsity’s World Class Baseball Facility on Course

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi explains a point to  Mr. Kevin Schreiber of the ifwebuildit group during the meeting.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi, held discussions with Mr. Kevin Schreiber of the ifwebuildit group when he visited the university, Thursday, May 2, 2024.

During the Council boardroom meeting, Mr. Schreiber updated the Vice Chancellor on the current expansion of the university’s state-of-the-art baseball grounds, which will include two fields for adult baseball and another one for hybrid softball and youth baseball capable of hosting local and international games.

According to Schreiber, the facility, which will have a capacity of 500 people and training facilities for athletes and coaches, will also provide skills and leadership training, as well as enhance young people’s access to sports, health, and education.

With the initial proof of concept phase that began in September 2021, the fields are being developed carefully, cost-effectively with input from JKUAT architects includes water conservation and green design concepts.

While giving her contribution at the meeting, Prof. Ngumi emphasized the initiative’s relevance to JKUAT particularly to the student community, reiterating that the university is eager to offer the required support to guarantee the project’s successful completion so that the university as well as the Juja community benefit.

“We have always been keen to provide our students with globally acceptable facilities, and we feel this project could be a significant chance to fulfill our purpose of upskilling and preparing them for the international stage,” said Prof. Ngumi.

The Vice Chancellor stated that the project, which is a faculty- and student-led design effort, will give architecture and landscape architecture department students the necessary practical learning.

Prof. Ngumi underscored the importance of fostering global collaboration in infrastructure development and upskilling university staff and students, adding that partnerships are critical in offering a multidisciplinary approach to successfully tackling challenges facing higher education institutions.

According to Mr. Schreiber, when the project is completed, the university will be the first institution in East Africa to have baseball and softball fields, as well as the first multi-field complex in Sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa.

“As ifwebuildit, we believe in the potential of collaboration to build sports infrastructure that will give a strong foundation for young people to develop their abilities and improve their lives,” said Mr. Schreiber.

He stated that the complex will be a hub of excellence in sports, leadership, and infrastructure development, noting, “The project will ‘help expand the game and provide spaces where aspirations will be realized.”

Mr. Schreiber said as part of their plans to fund the remainder of the project, they will hold a series of friendly games on May 18, this year in preparation for the big event on July 6, which will commemorate 60 years of Kenya-US partnership and will feature high-profile guests.

Ifwebuildit is the principal organization working on the project that emerged from the collaboration between JKUAT and the Nairobi Buffaloes Club baseball team.

JKUAT and ifwebuildit group after the progress report meeting on the Varsity’s World-Class Baseball Facility.

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