Equipping retirees with tools to navigate retirement phase 

A segment of the attendees listen closely to the proceedings.

The University management through the Human Resource department organized a one-day empowerment workshop for staff who will be retiring in the next few years. The workshop drew a number of staff members who were given valuable guidance and advice on how to transition into retirement.

The seminar whose topic was: Equipping retirees with important tools for the next stage of life, was held Thursday, April 4, 2024 and served as a platform for the participants to acquaint themselves with critical knowledge on a wide range of issues including financial management and personal planning.

Retirement is something that all of us will have to go through at some point in our lives; the difference may be how prepared we are as we transition into it.

While opening the workshop, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi noted that the seminar provided the participants with necessary tools to manage their wellness and financial resources.

“Majority of you have spent much of your youth at the University. You have actively participated in and observed the incredible expansion of this wonderful institution throughout the years. This training will give you the necessary foundation for a seamless transition into your next stage of life,” said Prof. Ngumi.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Ngumi delivers her remarks during the workshop.

The Vice Chancellor emphasized the importance of the workshop in addressing issues that retirees experience as they transition to the next phase of their life. She advised  participants to embrace the fact that retirement comes with its own set of challenges,  such as high health  related bills and limited sources of income. The training, therefore, she said will aid the participants to adjust into their new life status after active employment at JKUAT.

“Retirement is also a period fraught with many challenges. Often coming on the backdrop of limited income streams, retirees tend to experience higher healthcare costs; lifestyle changes and emotional swings. To forestall the challenges, proper and targeted training and capacity building for retirees is critical,” stated Prof. Ngumi.

Making a presentation to demystify retirement, Dr. Karanja Kabare from the College of Human Resource Development (COHRED) noted that retirement ought not to be feared but embraced as an opportunity of personal growth, exploration and fulfillment.

“Many people fear retirement but this should not be the case. Retirement should be viewed as a gateway to new possibilities, social interaction and participation,” said Dr. Kabare.

He further said, retirees should approach retirement with confidence, zeal and excitement by dispelling prevalent misconceptions about it, seizing opportunities for self-discovery and reinvention and taking positive outlook on this new phase of life.

Participants take part in one of the workshop’s engaging sessions.

According to the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Symon Otieno, the training was important in sharing helpful post work environment insights with the senior citizens. He exhorted the retiring staff to view the shift as a change of scenery.

Mr. Otieno also lauded the University Administration for approving the training which he observed would provide future retirees with informational resources to help them navigate and manage their retirement lives.

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